Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Neglected blogs rock!

Radio silence. This phrase is used in tense situations and, more alarmingly, in ridiculously mundane blog posts such as this. I've been cultivating a persona of enigma as of late with my lack of words online. It would seem as if it was a meticulous effort on my part to be more in demand when, in all actuality, it is due to "life events". Least of which include the word writing, as it should.

I used "life events" in quotes merely because people use that phrase almost as often as "radio silence" with equally alarming frequency. As if one couldn't discern that life gets in the way from online productivity. It's not as if anyone actually reads my blog posts and as if I've got enough people paying attention to me to warrant an excuse for explaining my absence from blogging. Unless you're an agent or book publisher, in which case: I am sorry to the legion of fans who have been beating down my virtual doors demanding an explanation into the reasons for my months long absence with witticisms and insights. Your loyalty means the world to me and I implore you to continue not comment in the comments section below as you've successfully predicted my unspoken wishes.

I will write more in this blog in the future, once I figure out precisely what a blog should be for. I assume quotes from Oscar Wilde.

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