Saturday, July 7, 2012

On tablets and writing

I could never do it. I see more and more tablets popping up in the world, I myself am a proud owner of an HP Touchpad (purchased at the bargain price of $100 - most of you may already know the tablet division got shut down at HP and they had a liquidation sale. I was one of the fortunate.) However, something I can't... nay, won't get into is writing on a tablet. The tablet sure is fun to take notes, jot off a quick e-mail, maybe make a fart joke status update on Facebook, but, serious writing could never be done on a tablet. Not be me, anyway.
There's something erotic about the sound of a keyboard. Some days, I find it hard to even begin writing. It can be a chore. I tell myself "just get going and the ideas will come rolling." They sure enough do. I think one of the driving forces behind that is once I put finger to key, the cheery clacking of the keys as I write faster and faster - it's intoxicating. It's like a mystery ingredient.
It's this ingredient, in fact, that touchscreens don't yet provide. However, many companies are close to perfecting it. It's this tactile feedback that has put off a lot of potential buyers. They can tinker all they want, but I'll keep my keyboard. Sure, you can get a bluetooth keyboard for your tablet, but they are notoriously wonky, difficult to set up and sometimes there is lag time in between pressing a button and something showing up on the screen. No, I'll stick with the immediacy of the keyboard and computer. Of course, I could be raging against the tide of progress. Like the writers before me who dare not throw away their typewriters. Or, as I'm sure happened before them, the writers who refused to ditch the quill and parchment paper. In the end, it's all what works best to you... just don't get between me and my keyboard. We've got something special.

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